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WPC Certificate/ license for importing wireless Devices- Fees, documents required and online process

The WPC certificate/license, issued by India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT), is essential for Indian importers wishing to bring radio and wireless equipment into the country. It covers a wide range of devices, including walkie-talkies, RC cars, drones, ZigBee, Bluetooth gadgets, and more. Without WPC approval, imported radio equipment faces seizure by customs officials at the border.

However, for items like phones, computers, and routers, separate WPC permission isn’t required. Instead, they must undergo the ETA (Equipment Type Approval) process, involving application, evaluation, and testing. Interestingly, factory inspections aren’t currently mandatory, enabling testing to be conducted by approved facilities outside India.


This comprehensive guide provides invaluable insights into WPC certification for importers, clarifying the necessary steps and legalities surrounding WPC ETA registration.

What are WPC Certificates ?

WPC stand for Wireless Planning and Coordination Established in 1952, The WPC is a division of India’s Ministry of Communications entrusted with managing the frequency spectrum. Its headquarters are located in New Delhi, and it operates regional branches in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Guwahati.

Operating under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the WPC wing plays a pivotal role in allotting frequency spectrum, administering amateur radio licenses, conducting examinations, and overseeing radio wave activity.


Moreover, the WPC is tasked with issuing wireless certifications like the WPC ETA certificate, ensuring compliance and efficiency in wireless communication systems.

Which products required for WPC Certificates ?

For the importation of wireless equipment utilizing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, securing a WPC license is mandatory. In India, WPC Certification is obligatory for all devices equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or ZigBee functionalities.


The following devices fall under the WPC mandatory products list ?

How to Apply for a WPC Certificate Or WPC license?

Step 1: Begin by registering on the WPC online Portal

Start your WPC license registration process by filling out the online application on the Saral Sanchar portal. Specify the commodities you intend to import. Once submitted, the system will generate an import ID for you.

 Step 2: Proceed to Apply for a new ETA

When applying for a new ETA, include a self-declaration for each commodity you plan to export. Use your import ID to check if your equipment falls under items exempted from WPC ETA Approval. Verify equipment utilizing different RF (Radio Frequency) by entering the ID and captcha.

 Step 3: Obtain RF test reports

For ETA approval and WPC license registration, you must provide an RF (Radio Frequency) test report from an accredited laboratory. This report ensures that your imported equipment operates within specified frequency ranges and meets safety standards.

 A new rule introduced in 2021 requires RF testing reports from accredited Indian labs. Previously, reports from abroad were acceptable. A factory inspection is no longer mandatory for WPC licensing.

 WPC ETA certificates are issued based on whether the equipment’s radio frequency in the RF test report meets the WPC’s standard list of mandatory products.

 Step 4: Complete the WPC application

Once all requirements are met, submit your application for WPC approval of the imported device.

 Step 5: Submit necessary documents

Gather and submit the required documents for WPC certificate registration both online and offline to the Wireless Planning and Coordination Authority. The WPC officials will verify your submitted documents.

 Step 6: Pay the Government Fees

Make the necessary government fee payments online for WPC registration. Payment can be made using debit/credit cards or online wallets.

 Step 7: Receive your WPC certificate

After verification of your documents and submission of the application, the WPC wing will issue the WPC certificate for the specific device. Importers can then proceed with importing wireless equipment into India with the obtained WPC license.

Documents required for WPC Certification

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