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LMPC Certificates

LMPC certificates, representing Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities, are a prerequisite for enterprises engaged in the production, sale, distribution, importation, or packaging of pre-packed goods. Complying with LMPC certification is crucial for businesses to align with legal metrology regulations and maintain market credibility. Obtain LMPC certificates to demonstrate adherence to quality standards and regulatory requirements in the manufacturing, selling, distributing, importing, or packaging of pre-packaged commodities. Ensure your business is equipped with LMPC certification to validate the accuracy and fairness of your product measurements, enhancing consumer trust and satisfaction.” 

To obtain an LMPC certificate for imports in India, the importer typically needs to apply to the Legal Metrology Department or the relevant authority in their state. The application process usually involves submitting various documents, including details of the product, packaging, labelling, and any other relevant information. Additionally, the imported products may need to undergo testing to ensure compliance with Indian standards.

What Are Pre-Packed Commodities?

According to the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 “Pre-packaged commodity” refers to any commodity placed in a package, sealed or not, such that the product within has a
predetermined quality, without the buyer being there.

What is LMPC Certificates?

The Law Metrology Act of 2009 serves as the regulatory framework governing the importation, sale, and distribution of prepackaged goods in India. Prepackaged goods refer to products that are packaged without the involvement of the purchaser and have predetermined quantities. Registration under this Act not only demonstrates a commitment to consumer awareness but also helps in curbing unfair trade practices. 

Under the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules of 2011, it is mandatory for importers and packers of prepackaged products to obtain LMPC (Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities) registration, as stipulated in Rule 27 of the Law Metrology Act of 2009. Importers are required to submit their applications within 90 days of commencing import operations. 

Obtaining an LMPC license necessitates adherence to authentic and accurate handling of goods, ensuring correct measurements. However, it’s important to note that an LMPC certificate is not obligatory for packers importing goods weighing 10 grams/millilitres or less, or for agricultural products weighing more than 50 kilograms. Despite different phrasing, the underlying message remains consistent.

What Are the Benefits Of LMPC Certificate License?

Why Importers Required LMPC Certificate?

As you know each & every dealer, manufacturer, importer, producer, etc. dealing in weighing & measuring instruments/equipment/devices needs to obtain an LMPC dealer license under the State Legal Metrology Rules, 2011 of the legal metrology enforcement rules, 2010 under the section 23. If he does not get an LMPC dealer certificate. Customs will seize his shipment before importing it in India along with penalizing day by day on the shipment. .

Documents Required for LMPC Certificate

How Apply LMPC Certificate online?

Step 1-Submitthe application form to the director of Metrology? 

Before you can proceed with your LMPC import license application online, you need to complete an application form. This form should be sent to the Director of Metrology within your local government unit. You can locate the contact details for the Director of Metrology on the official website of the Metrology Council. 

Step 2-Submit the Documents required for LMPC Certificate 

When applying for an LMPC certificate, ensure to include copies of your business permit and your current license to operate as a merchant or store power owner. Additionally, provide documentation confirming payment of all city and provincial taxes for the past two years (if applicable), and any other requested documents by the Director of Metrology.

Step 3-Submit the LMPC Certificate fees.

Once you submitted all documents and paid the applicable fees, you can expect your LMPC certificate within 7-10 working days. 

The registration and certification process for Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities is open to individuals, businesses, and organizations engaged in manufacturing, importing, distributing, or selling packaged goods in India. This encompasses a wide range of products including food items, cosmetics, medical devices, household goods, and other items sold in pre-packaged forms. 

In India, the Legal Metrology Act of 2009, along with its associated Rules, governs the use of weights and measures in commercial transactions, particularly for packaged goods. According to this legislation, all packaged goods sold in India must meet specific requirements regarding net quantity, labelling, and the declaration of essential information. 

Entities eligible to apply for LMPC registration and certification include: 

1. Manufacturers: Those producing packaged goods can seek registration and certification to ensure compliance with legal standards. 

2. Importers: Importers of packaged goods must also obtain registration and certification to ensure conformity with regulatory requirements before introducing products to the Indian market. 

3. Distributors: Entities involved in the distribution of packaged goods can apply for registration and certification to guarantee compliance with legal standards. 

4. Retailers: Retail establishments selling packaged goods can also pursue registration and certification to ensure adherence to the Legal Metrology Act. 

The process for obtaining Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity registration and certification entails submitting an application to the relevant authority along with the requisite documents and fees. Subsequently, the authority will conduct an inspection to assess packaging and labelling compliance. If all requirements are satisfied, the authority will issue the necessary certification


What Is the Procedure Of LMPC Certificate Registration License?

As you know, in some states you can apply through either the online LMPC registration procedure or the Offline LMPC registration procedure. There are a few steps for an LMPC certificate for import to apply online:

LMPC Registration form to the Director of Metrology

To apply for LMPC registration online, first you need to visit the portal which is launched by the LMPC department, and register your entity on the official website.

Submit Required Documents

Once you register your entity then you need to fulfil the required documents and provide general information.

Submit the Application Fee

Once you submit all required documents then you need to preview the whole application. If all information is correct then pay the government fee for the LMPC certificate.

Grant LMPC Certificate

If your provided information and documents are correct according to the LMPC department then they will issue the LMPC License.

What Are The Exemptions Of Registration Of LMPC Import License?

The legal metrology (Packed Commodities) rules, 2011, provide specific exemptions from the regulation. These exemptions are allowed on quantity, pricing, and nature of the commodity involved.

Quantity Exemptions

• The rules of LMPC will not apply to those products that do not contain more than a quantity of 25 Ltr or 25 kg.

• Furthermore, these exemptions are also allowed on cement, fertilizer, and agriculture farm produce bags of above 50 kg.

• Additionally, Those goods are for service institutions or institutions like railways, hospitals, hotels, airways, etc

Exemption for Certain Medical Commodities

LMPC laws do not apply to some medical commodities, which include scheduled and nonscheduled formulations covered by the Drugs (Price Control) Order, 2013, which was made possible by section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. It’s crucial to remember that medical gadgets classified as medications are not exempt.

How Can We Help You For LMPC Import License ?

As you know, an IEC (Import Export Certificate) is mandatory for those who are importing goods & commodities in India. An IEC certificate is also required for LMPC import registration.

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