Apply For Hallmark Registration Certificate

Apply For Hallmark Registration Certificate

BIS stands for hallmark registration BIS Introduced the gold hallmarking scheme in 2000 & a silver hallmarking scheme in 2005. As you know in India gold is always a very safe & secure investment for Indian residents during difficult times. Therefore, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) launched hallmark registration to protect customers from adulteration and maintain the purity of jewelry. The BIS hallmark registration defines the purity of gold/silver. all manufacturers and sellers of gold/silver must obtain hallmark registration. BIS hallmark registration resolves the concern of adulteration in jewelry.

How Can I Get A Hallmark License In India?

As you know in India BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) stands for hallmark license Hallmark registration is a procedure through which consumer protection is ensured by emphasizing the purity and integrity of jewelry. This license holder ensures that the jewelry provider is providing genuine jewelry. Hallmark license enhances the goodwill of new startups and makes them reliable and confident to stand in fierce competition.

What Is The Hallmark Process?

You can easily get a hallmark license through the hallmark registration process such as:

  • Collect Required Documents: Applicant needs to gather all documents in one place that are required for hallmark registration.
  • Hallmark Registration Online: First, the applicant needs to visit the official portal of BIS where he must register his entity by providing the required basic details.
  • Submit Required Documents: Once online hallmark registration has been done, the applicant needs to upload the required documents and the prescribed government fee.
  • Inspection: Once an applicant pays a prescribed government fee then BIS officials will conduct an inspection.
  • Grant Hallmark License: Once Bis certificate officials are satisfied with the results of the inspection eventually they will issue a hallmark certificate to the applicant VIA mail.

What are the Required Documents for Hallmark Registration?

There are a few hallmark registration documents which are given below:

Proof of A Company/Firm Establishment

  • Partnership Deed (If the applicant is a partnership firm).
  • Registration Certificate issued by ROC and MOA.
  • Certificate of CA( If proprietorship firm)

Address Proof of Firm/Company

  • Basic documents such as GST Certificate and rent Agreement with previous rent receipts.
  • Property tax latest receipt.
  • The lease and sale deed agreement.
  • Income tax assessment order.

Proof of Annual Turnover

  • Gst returns a copy of the previous financial year.
  • If the firm is new, it should provide an undertaking with an estimate of planned turnover and a guarantee to report GSTR. 

 If Proof of the Signatory

  • Aadhaar-based verification.
  • Photo ID card which a Gazetted Officer issues on an official letterhead such as a PAN card, Aadhar Card, Passport, driver’s License, 

What Is The Cost Of Hallmarking?

Hallmark registration government fee depends upon the turnover of the business. The government of India prescribed government fees for hallmark licenses such as:

  • Business turnover up to Rs. 5 crores needs to pay an application fee of Rs. 2,000 along with a registration fee of Rs. 7,500.
  • Business turnover up to Rs. 5 to 25 crores needs to pay an application fee of Rs. 2,000 along with a registration fee of Rs. 15,000.
  • Business turnover up to Rs. 25 to 100 crores needs to pay an application fee of Rs. 2,000 along with a registration fee of Rs. 40,000.
  • Business turnover up to above 100 crores needs to pay an application fee of Rs. 2,000 along with a registration fee of Rs. 80,000.

Why Do I Need a Hallmark Certificate?

Hallmark registration ensures your product quality and gives assurance to buyers about the quality and many more benefits such as:

  • As you know it ensures the quality of gold/silver along with purity.
  • It helps to create goodwill in buyers’ view and provides the legal necessary protection.
  • It attracts more buyers in the marketplace due to some protection from legal authorities.
  • It ensures jewelry sellers’ and manufacturers’ business growth.

What Is Hallmark Registration Fees?

Hallmark registration fees depend upon the turnover of the business

Business TurnoverApplication Fee Registration FeeProfessional Fee
Up to Rs. 5 croresRs. 2,000/-Rs. 7,500 /-
From Rs. 5 Cr to Rs. 25 Cr.Rs. 2,000/-Rs. 15,000/-
From Rs. 25Cr to Rs.100 CrRs. 2,000/-Rs. 40,000/-
Above Rs. 100 CrRs. 2,000/-Rs. 80,000/-

How To Download My Hallmark Certificate?

Once you apply for a hallmark certificate then officials will inspect if they are fully satisfied with the outcome result of the inspection. A hallmark certificate soft copy will be issued by the government authority on VIA mail where you can easily download your hallmark certificate.

Why Choose Us For Hallmark Registration In India?

You can get in touch with IE certificate services in India to apply for hallmark registration. We will provide you expert guidance for the application of registration.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Hallmark Compulsory For Jewellery?

Yes, it is a must for all those who are selling or manufacturing gold/silver jewelry.

What Is a Hallmark Registration Number?

A hallmark is a symbol or sign which is mentioned on the gold item which defines the quality of jewelry such as 24 karat gold containing hallmark registration number 999 which means gold is 99.99% pure.

Can I Do Hallmark Registration Online?

Yes, you can easily register hallmarks online. The government of India launched a website called BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards).



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