Apply For BIS Registration Certificate In India

Apply For BIS Registration Certificate In India

If you want to mark your product consumer consumer-friendly and trustworthy then BIS registration is necessary for you. The BIS marks work as an assurance of the product quality, reliability, and safety to the customers. IE certificate brings you the best comprehensive guide through which you can apply for the BIS registration certificate. 

What Is BIS Registration?

The Bureau of Indian Standards Act 2016, represented as BIS, in India, is a national standards body. The Bureau of Indian Standards Act was established in 1986. In India, the BIS mainly focuses on ensuring the quality and safety of goods and services. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), also known as the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) introduced the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) in 2012. 

The ISI is an initialism of Indian Standards Institution, the name of the national standards body on 1 January 1978, when it was renamed to the Bureau of the Indian Standards. Manufacturers, Producers, And Importers must register their items under this plan before launching them in the Indian market and get a BIS Certificate for their items.

All electrical items BIS Standard lists in the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) and Indian Standards Institution ( ISI) require BIS registration. To import or produce a product in India, all manufacturers (whether foreign or Indian) must apply for this BIS registration.

BIS is involved in a variety of activities, the most important of which are standardization, product certification, and registration schemes, laboratory recognition schemes, and hallmarking schemes. Scheme-I (ISI mark scheme) and Scheme-II (Compulsory Registration Scheme) are two key BIS conformity assessment schemes. 

Why Should I Register For BIS?

If you are a manufacturer of those products that are included in the BIS product list then you need to do BIS registration if you adhering all BIS compliances and government issues a BIS Number allows you to use popular ISI mark on the manufacturer’s products along with BIS authority issue you bis registration number which ensures that your product is pure and healthier than others.

How Do I Register For the BIS Portal?

The BIS CRS registration procedure is divided into six parts. If the foreign manufacturer does not have a corporate office in India, the process starts with the nomination of AIR. In that situation, the AIR may be the manufacturer’s importer, trader, or Indian subsidiary. In the case of domestic producers, however, the manufacturer can act as an AIR.

When the firm has been nominated for the AIR, the manufacturer must be registered with the department. This is also known as “learning the manufacturing processes.” Following portal clearance, testing and application submission for the certification procedure will take place. Department officials review the submitted application to identify and correct any problems. In the absence of errors, BIS provides the final license.

The entire process of Bis online registration takes 30-45 days in this duration it consists of various clearances Testing, Documentation, and department scrutiny are also included. 

Step 1: Gather all required documents.

Step 2: Applicant needs to register his manufacturing unit on Portal.

Step 3: Once registered on the portal you need to generate a test report in a recognized BIS Lab.

Step 4: After getting a test report from the lab you have to submit all required documents.

Step 5: Officials will scrutinize your application along with the given documents and test reports if your product is following Indian standards. Eventually, the Authority will grant you a BIS license

BIS LAB Testing Process 

The Product testing process consists of various steps which are given below:

  • CDF with Critical component list 
  • Transformer details
  • PCB Layouts
  • Circuit Diagram 
  • Enclosure Diagram 
  • Business License 
  • Organization Chart 

Important Documents For BIS Registration

Documents depend on the types of BIS registration. However, the general required documents that a manufacturer / Producer needs to submit to the BIS to obtain a BIS License are as follows:

  1. Address proof of factory along with name.
  2. Documents such as Incorporation Certificate or Registration Certificate Memorandum of Association, etc.
  3. In the case of a foreign manufacturer or overseas applicant, the nomination details of the Indian agent and the nomination form
  4. Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises/ small scale industries certificate, if any.
  5. Flow chart of all manufacturing steps (Raw material into furnished goods)
  6. Manufacturing resources list as well as full-fledged details.
  7. If applicable, outsourcing of manufacturing operations.
  8. Detailed list of testing equipment along with testing facilities.
  9. Copies of valid calibration certificates of testing equipment 
  10. third party test report under BIS recognized lab, If any.
  11. Location of the factory along with proper layout of factory premises.
  12. Test report of independence or in-house, if applicable

What Are The Benefits Of BIS Registration?

Once you obtain a BIS certificate it provides you various benefits which are given below (In a nutshell):

  • Ensure better utilization of resources. 
  • Ensure and maintain product quality.
  • Enhance the goodwill of firms in the marketplace.
  • Provide ground for total quality management.
  • Ensure global recognition.
  • Help to reduce the overhead expenses.

Who Required a BIS Certificate?

Manufacturer ‘X’ of that particular product ‘Y’ furnished at site ‘Z’ under brand ‘A’ Receives a BIS registration certificate in India. If these four factors change, a new application for a BIS certificate in India should be submitted to BIS. The four most important factors for BIS registration are given below:

Manufacturer: BIS licenses are only granted to manufacturers for the products for which they applied on the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Portal for registration; they are not granted to manufacturers for all of their products. A BIS License is granted for every product for which the product manufacturer is registered on the BIS Portal. The importer, retailer, trader, etc.. are not eligible for the license. Although they can act as their representative in India If the manufacturer doesn’t have their corporation office in India.

Manufacturer Address: The certificate of BIS is granted for the site of manufacturing, if in future the manufacturer changes his manufacturing site then he needs to apply for a new BIS license and if the manufacturer has more than one unit in India then he needs to apply for a separate license for each unit.

Product Category: If a manufacturer is producing more than 2 products then he has to separately register all products on the BIS site. For example, if A manufacturer is manufacturing cables and Cameras then he needs to apply for both product’s BIS licenses.

Brand: A manufacturer that is manufacturing the same product but using a different brand for the same product then needs to register separately for the same product. For example: if a manufacturer is manufacturing a camera but using two brands “Brand A” & “Brand B” needs to register each brand on the BIS Portal.

What Are The Challenges To Apply for BIS Registration?

There are various challenges faced by manufacturers without BIS certification. BIS is a reliable authority once you register your entity under BIS it becomes very trustable for consumers. Furthermore, it provides you with a unique Bis Registration Number which shows that you comply with all government compliances and your product is safe, pure, and healthy. To obtain BIS registration you need to face many challenges which are given Below:

Strict Quality Standards

Every manufacturer’s product must meet the standard of rigorous quality which is set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Manufacturers must pay attention to the technical specifications of a product. Many manufacturers fail to meet the rigorous quality standards.

Complex Paperwork

For obtaining a BIS certificate applicants need to go through the entire process where various sets of documents are required for BIS registration. Many applicants suffer while compiling and submitting these documents.

Testing Challenges

To apply for BIS registration you need to test your product under a BIS-recognized lab. You need to obtain all types of test reports. Our import export certificate BIS experts will test your product in a reliable and BIS-recognised lab on your behalf.

Lack Of Awareness

Every businessman must know all BIS standards concerning his product. In addition, you need to comply with all BIS compliance. Many businesses face challenges in understanding BIS standards due to a lack of awareness and education.

Market Access

If a product fails to get BIS registration then the product cannot access the Indian market.

Long Processing Time

The whole process for getting a BIS certificate is very time-consuming due to various products’ technical tests and inspections being conducted to determine whether products meet BIS standards or not.

Can I Register For BIS Online?

As you know if you are a manufacturer and your product is mentioned under the BIS products list then you need to obtain a BIS certificate. The Bureau of Indian Standards launched a portal so applicants can easily apply for BIS online on MANAKONLINE PORTAL. Applicants can easily get BIS registration without going anywhere.

What Is The BIS Full Form And Meaning?

The full form of BIS is the Bureau of Indian Standards. It is a national body of India established in 1986 which sets the standards of product quality as per BIS standards. BIS aims to educate and aware people to buy high-quality products whether it is over the counter or manufactured. As you know BIS is a third-party assurance that ensures product meets the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. 

What Is BIS Registration Number And Its Validity?

Get to know about the BIS Registration Number and its validity for the registration of the certificate for product quality assurance.

BIS Registration Number

BIS registration Number is a unique number which is issued by BIS regulatory. Once you get a BIS registration Number you can mention it over your product with a popular ISI mark. It ensures that you are adhering to all quality standards of BIS. Hence, it attracts more consumers and makes your product a reliable product.

BIS Validity

The BIS certification issued by the BIS authority, BIS validity is for two years. The manufacturers and producers can renew the BIS certification if there is no change in the future in the mentioned products and prescribed standards. The renewed BIS license will be valid for a maximum of five years.

The renewal of the BIS certification is the purpose of the annual advance minimum marking fee and license fee. However, if the renewal application of the BIS certification is filed after the expiry period of the certificate, the applicant needs to pay a late fee of Rs.5000.

Why Choose IE Certificate For BIS Registration In India?

You will get 24/7 assistance from the expert team of IE certificate to register the BIS certificate. We help you from the filing to the approval of the BIS mark. With our assistance, you can simply apply for the registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The BIS Registration Process Take?

It approximately takes 30-35 days. (Including testing time of 10-15 days)

Are All Products Required To Undergo BIS Registration?

Several product’s compliance with Indian Standards is made compulsory by the Central Government. 

Can Imported Products Obtain BIS Registration?

Yes, if the product is mentioned under the BIS products list then you have to obtain BIS registration.

What Happens If A Product Fails BIS Standards During Testing?

If a product fails to get BIS registration then the product cannot access the Indian market.

Is BIS mandatory in India?

Yes, It is necessary to get a BIS license and also register your product on a BIS site without its authority will penalize you.

Can I Import Without a BIS certificate?

No, If you are importing any product which is mentioned in the BIS product list then first you need to register your product.

How Much Does a BIS Certificate Cost?

Cost can be variable according to the product. Fee structure for new application

 (i) Application fee for grant of registration: ₹1000/- (ii) Processing fee of ₹ 25000/- (including one test report). For additional test reports included with the application, an additional processing fee of ₹10000/- per test report will be charged.



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