Company Registration Certificate In India

Company Registration Certificate In India

If you are willing to start a company in any locality in India then Company Registration is mandatory. Without a company license if you are running a business then it might be illegal. So for the company registration certificate we will guide you. Through the company certificate it becomes trustworthy for the users and consumers.

Defining The Significance Of Company Registration Certificate

As we all know, the government has made the company registration process 100% digital. So if any person wants to run a company they have to register it as per the government rule. Without registration you are not allowed to run a company. The registration of business increases the credibility and authenticity of business towards consumers.

Types of Company Registration

In India, every company should be registered under the MCA( Ministry of corporate affairs) under the companies act 2013. If you want to register a company then you must have to know about the type of company registration.

Sole Proprietorship

An individual who is operating a firm on his own. He is the only one who is liable for all debts and responsible for everything in the sole proprietorship firm. In other words, we can say he is the owner. A sole proprietor can use any name for his business but except those names which are already taken. In addition, a sole proprietor is someone who runs, operates business by himself/herself.


Partnership is a legal and mutual formal agreement between two or more parties. Where they share all profits and risks equally while running a partnership firm and use their skills for growth of the firm.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited liability company personally protects the owner from the liability of the company . LLC is a corporate structure where all partners liabilities are equal to their invested capital. They are not liable for repayment of the company’s debts and liability by his/her personal assets.


Corporation is a legal entity that is separated from its owners. Under the law of companies Act 2013, corporations have the same legal rights as individuals. Limited Liability is the characteristic of a corporation. Where all its shareholders get their profits through dividends but are not directly liable to pay the company’s debts.

Private Limited Company Registration

A private Limited company registration is the most common legal entity in the business world. For the PVT LTD registration you have at least 2 directors and 2 shareholders. It is governed by the company act 2013. In this registration among the 2 partners 1 must have Indian Citizenship.

Public Limited Company Registration

The public limited company registration is similar to the private limited company. The only difference between them is that the shares of the Public Limited Company perform trading activities on the stock exchange.

Benefits of Registering a Company

  • Legal Protection: Once your company registered under the companies act, 2013. Government provides you all legal protection against threats and losses.
  • Access To Funding: Once you register your company on the MCA portal then people rely on your company and give reliable investors and ease. 
  • Credibility and Trust: Once you register your company it will enhance your goodwill in the marketplace, also support you and attract more people.

Step-by-Step Company Registration Process

  • Research and choose a business name: First step of registration is that you need to do before deciding your business name. You have to do thorough research on a business name whether it is available or not. Our import export certificate expert team will guide you in the entire process.
  • Choose a business structure: Once you choose the name of a business you need to choose the structure of the business. For example: proprietorship, Private limited, LLP, LLC etc.
  • Obtain necessary licenses and permits: before commencing business you should obtain all necessary licenses and your business related government authorities’ permits. 

Legal Requirements for Company Registration

  • Articles of Incorporation: It is a legal and formal documents set which contains various general information of the company For Example: Company Name, Address, Contact Number, Owner Name, Nature of business, diagram of structure, and the amount and type of stock issued. These general details must be submitted to the government authorities so the applicant can legally establish his business entity.
  • Registered agent: You should hire an agent or an entity for the purpose of fulfilling government requirements, and maintain your taxation and legal correspondence of your business. The essential part is that you should have an entity who provides you information about government rules and regulations. Our professional team will guide you in the whole procedure.
  • Tax identification number: A tax identification number is a unique number which is allotted to each and every identified individual, corporation, and nonprofits organizations (NPOs). Every applicant should apply for TIN. Once it is approved by government authorities. Eventually, Authority assigns a TIN.

Costs Involved in Company Registration

  • Registration fees: 
S.NoCost Component Government Fee
Director Identification Number(DIN)Rs.500 /- per director
Company Name Approval Rs.1000 /- 
Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)Rs.1,500-2,000 /- Per DSC
Stamp Duty on Memorandum of Association Depend Upon States
5. Stamp Duty on Spice Form Depend Upon State
6. Registrar of Companies (ROC) FeeRs.500 /- ( Authorized capital > Rs. 15 lakhs)
7.Post Registration ComplianceDepend Upon States
8.Stamp Duty on Articles of Association (AOA)Depend upon States
  • Legal and consulting fees: It varies upon your company registration(LLP, LLC,OPC etc.)
  • Miscellaneous costs: Sometimes, while registering a company there is a chance that some miscellaneous expenses will occur. It is approx. Rs. 1,500 /- to 2,000 /-

Common Challenges in the Registration Process

  • Complex paperwork: While you are registering your company you have to face many challenges . One challenge is that complex paperwork. You must ensure that required documents are correct, in a proper way and adhering to regulatory compliances.
  • Regulatory compliance: If you are looking to register your business under companies act, 2013 you need to comply with all regulatory compliance also after registering your company.
  • Time-consuming procedures: Company Registration is a time consuming procedure as well as it is very confusing and complex. You need assistance while registering business.

Tips for Smooth Company Registration

  • Seek professional advice: if you want to register your company smoothly without any problem. So, you need professional advice. Our Import Export certificate professional will assist you step by step and also guide you for growing your business.
  • Plan ahead:  Those who want to secure their future and build their goodwill and attract more people to stand in a marketplace must do company registration.
  • Stay organized: It ensures that you are adhering all government authorities’ compliance. People feel very safe while choosing you. In addition, it attracts more people and makes you a brand.

Maintaining Compliance Post-Registration

  • Annual filings and reports: Each and every company which is registered under companies act, 2013 required to file their annual, quarterly returns with the registrar of the company. Annual filings represent the financial condition of the company. It is mandatory for all companies whether the company carries on business or not.
  • Ongoing legal obligations: It is a very crucial element for growth of a company. When a person starts a new business he should understand the legal obligation because it is essential for corporation growth. Some formalities should be followed by an entity to maintain its legal status.

Future Trends in Company Registration

Technological advancements:  As you know nowadays technology is playing a vital role in advancements. Technology is increasing day by day.Those who wish to advance during this period should move step by step together.

Changing regulatory landscape: Nowadays the government has changed the landscape of regulation. It is completely digital. It not only helped businessmen but also helped for growing the business. business owners can only focus on operating the business activities not on legal obligation and also complete more quickly than before.


Company Registration is mandatory for all the businesses who are willing to create their identity in public. Without company registration who are not allowed to run a huge company. So here import Export Certificate company is there for you to help you in company registration according to the government rules and regulation.


Is Company Registration Necessary For All Businesses?

Yes, Nowadays company registration is more necessary for all businesses. If you are operating a business in Indian market then it becomes more essential to register your company

How Long Does The Company Registration Process Take?

As you know, today the government has done all procedures 100% digital. If you get assistance from any entity like us then your registration will be done smoothly. Its process varies upon the type of the company you want, most of the time it takes 12-20 Days.

Can I Change My Business Structure After Registration?

Yes, You can change your business structure after registration. You just need to adhere to all compliances of companies act.

What Happens If I Don’t Register My Business?

If you do not register your business under companies act, 2013. unless it gets any legal recognition, you are unable to sign any contract with other companies. If an infringer does fraud with you. Neither you can be sued by other companies nor you can be sued by other companies in the court of law.

Do I Need A Lawyer For Company Registration?

Yes, you need an expert lawyer for your company registration. Our Import Export Certificate Expert lawyer team will guide you properly and make your process smooth.



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