LMPC Dealer License Registration In India

LMPC Dealer License Registration In India

If you are a dealer of pre-packaged commodities in India then you must know about the LMPC dealer license. It is a mandatory license to start your regulation of pre-packaged commodities. Through this certificate you can simply import and export goods from one country to another.

What Is LMPC Dealer License?

In India the Legal Metrology department stands for LMPC dealer license. An individual or a businessman who deals in weighing & measuring instruments/equipment/devices needs to Apply for LMPC dealer license under Legal Metrology Act, 2009 unless the dealer registers his entity under Legal metrology act, 2009 he is unable to deal in weighing & measuring equipment. 

Note: The legal metrology dealer license is required for those who are marketing and trading in weighing, measuring, and devices in India. The provision of issuing dealer licenses in India comes under the State Legal Metrology Rules, 2011 of the legal metrology enforcement rules, 2010. 

What Are Pre-Packed Commodities?

According to the legal metrology act, 2009 “Pre-packaged commodity” refers to any commodity that is placed in a package, sealed or not, such that the product within has a predetermined quality, without the buyer being there.

What Are The Benefits Of LMPC Dealer License?

An individual or company who obtain LMPC dealer certificate his entity’s rights will be secured by Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity, Act 2009 from any infringement and also contains various benefits which are given below:

  • Prevent illegal Practice: A company or person who is dealing in weighing & measuring faulty consumer goods will be banned by Legal metrology Act, 2009.
  • Buyer trust: When your entity does Lmpc dealer registration. Lmpc dealer license in India ensures that you are adhering to all rules and regulations of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 it makes you reliable & trustworthy.
  • Awareness & Education: According to the LMPC act, 2009 a person who is marketing & trading in Weighing & measuring devices has to prescribe declarations on packages, which spread all quantity details among the consumers.
  • Reduce Flaw: If a person who deals in weighing & measuring equipment without having LMPC dealer certificate. He is unable to do import & manufacture activities. If he does, the government will sue & penalize him.

Why Dealers Required LMPC Certificate?

As you know each & every dealer, manufacturer, importer, producer etc. dealing in weighing & measuring instruments/equipment/devices needs to obtain Lmpc certificate dealer license under the State Legal Metrology Rules, 2011 of the legal metrology enforcement rules, 2010 under the section 23. If he does not get an LMPC dealer certificate. Customs will seize his shipment before importing in India along with penalizing day by day on the shipment.

List Of Documents Mandatory For LMPC Import License?

There are following required documents for applying Lmpc dealer license online given below:

  • DSC is mandatory for authorized signatory.
  • Address proof of Applicant Entity.
  • Pan & GST of the Applicant Entity.
  • Pan Card & Aadhar card of Applicant.
  • Dealership Agreement with the Manufacturer of weighing & measuring instruments whose goods will sell.
  • NOC from the Manufacturer of weighing & measuring instruments whose goods will sell.
  • NOC from the landlord of entity (If entity rented)
  • Copy of model approval of the weight & measure which you intend to sell.

What Is The Procedure Of LMPC Dealer Registration License?

In India as you know, the state controller of the legal metrology department issues the LMPC Dealer registration license under section 23. There are two procedures of LMPC Dealer registration one is Applying for an LMPC dealer license online and another is an LMPC dealer license offline. It varies from state to state; some states have online procedures and some states have offline procedures.  

In the respective state you are operating your business, your local state legal metrology officer will do physical verification. If all given information was correct then the applicant’s application would be approved by the officer and eventually the officer will grant the LMPC dealer certificate. 

In many states LMPC authority asks for a Dealership Agreement with the Manufacturer of weighing & measuring instruments whose goods will sell. In some other cases, government authority asks for NOC from the Manufacturer of weighing & measuring instruments whose goods will be sold.

Note: Lmpc dealer license online procedure is not completely online producer. As it involves inspection by local state legal metrology officers.

What Are The Exemptions Of Registration Of LMPC Dealer License?

In the following cases, It is not necessary to obtain LMPC dealer license in india :

  • Those commodities whose weight is less than 10 ML or 10 gms.
  • Those food items that are packed by hotels & restaurants.
  • Those packages that contain goods weighing more than 25 ltr or 25 kgs in spite of fertilizer and cement sold in upto 50 kgs packaging. 
  • Those goods which are for service institutions or institutions like railway, hospital, hotels, airways, etc.

How Can IE Certificate Help You For LMPC Dealer License?

As you know, an IEC (Import Export Certificate) is one of the best company that provide the expert guidance for registration certificate. IEC certificate is also required for Lmpc dealer registration.


What Is The Full Form Of LMPC?

LMPC Full Form is “Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities’’.

Is LMPC Import License Mandatory?

Yes, If you are importing Weighing & measuring equipment from another country. It is mandatory to obtain an LMPC Certificate.

What Is The Purpose Of LMPC Dealer Certificate?

LMPC Dealer certificate ensures that pre-packed goods imported into India comply with all Legal Metrology Act, 2011 Rules and regulations.

How Much Does LMPC Dealer License Cost?

In India, LMPC Government Fee is Rs. 500 /- directed by the Legal Metrology Authority.

What Is The Validity Of LMPC Dealer License?

In India, LMPC dealer certificate validity for 12 months.

What Laws Are Applicable For LMPC Import License?

Anyone who is Dealing in pre-packed goods & commodities in India must obtain LMPC certificate rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity rules of Department of Consumer Affairs.



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