Private Limited Company Registration In India

Private Limited Company Registration In India

If you want private limited company registration then here we are to all you in that. We will provide you all information that you willing to know about before the registration of pvt ltd company.

Private Limited Company is the most preferable company nowadays. It contains a maximum of 200 shareholders and 2 members as well as restricts shareholders from publicly trading shares. It has various benefits such as limited liability and perpetual succession, and makes your company a reliable private limited company. Once you register a private limited company under the Companies Act, 2013 third parties cannot infringe on you if they do then you can sue them in a court of law.

What Is A Private Limited Company?

A Private Limited Company is the most preferred company incorporation. It is privately held for small businesses among entrepreneurs and startups. This business entity owner has limited liability and 2 Minimum number of shareholders to 200 maximum shareholders it also restricts shareholders for publicly share trading. Private limited company registration ensures reliable and sustainable long-term growth in India. A registered private limited company has various benefits such as limited liability, stability, reliability in the customer’s view, legal entity etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Private Limited Company Registration In India?

There are various advantages of a Private limited company in comparison to other company registrations. It is a more credible company incorporation it is not only affordable incorporation but also exempted from some legal compliance. 

Limited Liability 

Private Limited Company has a spectacular Limited Liability benefit. Other company registrations did not have these kinds of benefits such as Proprietorship, Partnership, and Private Limited companies exist as separate legal entities from their shareholders. In India, private limited company’s shareholders neither get all profits nor get all losses. They have to bear losses and profit in a ratio that they predetermined before commencing the company.

Attractive to Investors

Private Limited Company has a very attractive structure in the eye of investors with its previous financial records including high growth potential.

In the Indian market and globally some of the brands like Jaguar, parle, Coca-Cola, Google etc are private limited companies. In addition, a private limited company is a popular name in the domestic as well as Indian market. It sounds very convincing for startups and also for entrepreneurs. The reason why private limited companies in India are the best choice of company corporations.

Perpetual Existence

As you know, the company has its own identity after registration. Private Limited Company has 200 shareholders at the same time. If a shareholder passes away, retires, is removed, insolvent then shares can be issued to the new private investors it also helps in the expansion of the company. This means that private limited companies can not be discontinued. 

In other companies such as Proprietorship, Partnership, where the company’s owner is one at the same time. In proprietorship, if the proprietor dies, the company will be dissolved. In a partnership, If a partner dies, the partnership deed automatically terminates. The reason why a Private Limited Company has perpetual existence.

Power to Sue

As you know, a Private limited company is a legal entity. In respect, a legal entity can sue a case against the third party in a court of law if it creates any disputes and non-adherence to contracts also memorandum that was signed at the time of the contract. However, an unregistered entity can not sue a case against a third party additionally, can not secure its legal rights. 

Different Forms of Company Registration

There are various types of company registrations which are given below:

  • Partnership Firm Registration
  • Proprietorship Firm Registration
  • Public Limited Company Registration
  • One Person Company (OPC) Registration
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration
  • NGO Registration (Section 8 Company Registration)

How To Register Private Limited Company?

There are the following steps for the private limited company registration process:

Step 1 Apply For a Digital Signature Certificate

Each & every director must obtain a DSC. It is a part of private limited company registration. It works as an identity proof of directors. It helps when we sign private limited company registration online forms.

Step 2 Reserve a Unique Business Name

Once you get DSC, You need to ensure that your business name is available or not in the company database. If it is already taken by others you need to choose a unique business name as per rule 8 of the company incorporation rules. Our Import Export Certificate Expert will assist you in choosing a relevant name concerning the nature of your business.

Step 3 Filling out SPICe Form (INC-32)

Once you choose a unique business name for your private limited company. You have to draft the application form (SPICe) for private limited company registration on the online MCA portal. You are required to fill in all basic details which are given below:

  • Company Name
  • Members and subscribers details
  • Apply for PAN & TAN
  • Apply for a Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Declaration and certification of professional
  • Declaration by Directors & Subscribers

Step 4 Filing of MOA and AOA

SPICe E-MOA (INC-33) and E-AOA (INC-34) both form should be drafted while applying for private limited registration online. MOA contains the details of the company’s goal and objective as per under section 2(56). Besides, AOA contains the details of the company’s internal working structure and management structure of the company as per under section 2(5) of the Companies Act 2013.

Issuance of Certificate of Incorporation (CIN)

Once you apply if it is found correct as per Companies Act, 2013 authority will grant you the certificate of incorporation.

Documents required for Private Limited Company Registration

There are the following private limited company registration documents which are given below:

  • Aadhar Card of all directors
  • Driving License, and Aadhar Voter ID as address proof.
  • Copy of bank statement (Recent Two Months)
  • Electricity bill, Water bill or authorized govt bill as an address proof of registered office.
  • Ownership proof of premise or NOC (If the premise is rented)

How Much Time Taken To Register A Private Limited Company In India?

As you know, the government has launched a portal called MCA. Any individual who wants to register his entity. He can register smoothly without any issues. Private Limited Company registration time is within 10 working days. Nowadays registering a company is a rapid process and worldwide expansion due to E-governance.

Can I Register Pvt Ltd By Myself?

Yes, Who wants to register Private Limited on their own? They have to go through the whole process of registration along with complex documentation such as DSC, Name of company which is not already taken, prepare forms like DIR 2 and INC 9, and at least have two shareholders. Our IE certificate expert team will assist you and make your journey smooth and sumptuous.

How Much Money Is Required To Register A Private Limited Company In India?

Plan amount (includes the below-mentioned fees)₹ 9999
DSC₹ 2000
DIN₹ 1000
Professional Fees₹ 3799
Stamp Duty (approx)₹ 2000
Notary Fees₹ 500
Govt Fees (RUN, PAN, TAN) ₹ 1200
Goods and Services Tax @ 18%₹ 684

Can A Single Person Start Pvt Ltd Company?

No, a private limited company must have a minimum of two shareholders as per the Companies Act 2013.

Why Choose Us For Private Limited Company Registration?

Every aspect of company registration is a specialty for our IE certificate team. We’ll help you out step by step. Our staff won’t allow you to feel uncomfortable during challenging operations. The IE Certificate team will assist you with registering your business as quickly as possible and will guarantee its growth while managing all private limited company registration procedures, allowing you to concentrate solely on the growth of your enterprise.



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