PIMS Certificate Registration In India

PIMS Certificate Registration In India

All those who are dealing in the import business of paper must have PIMS Registration in India. With the help of this PIMS certificate, you can control the flow of paper imports. With the Paper Import Monitoring System, you can simply expand your paper business flow. So, If you are the one who is willing to deal in the paper and paper products under chapter 48 of ITC (HS), 2017, Schedule-1.

Among various countries, India has made constant progress in international trade and commerce in recent years. It has played a vital role In the global paper industry. Increasing demand for paper makes it difficult paper it difficulties difficult to control the smooth flow of paper imports. It is necessary for maintaining its government government has released a PIMSA registration DGFT notification and implemented an online platform called the Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMs).

PIMS is an online platform for the importer’s registration & allows them to track their shipment easily. The platform assists imports by providing information about paper prices and market data. The PIMs aim to help the government with the paper import market. It also protects domestic paper producers against dishonourable competition. The PIMS ensures that high-quality paper is imported into the country.

What Is PIMS Certificate?

PIMS stands for Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS). It is an online platform introduced by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Before Importing paper or paper items from one country to another importers must be licensed by PIMS registration. In this registration, importers have to give their information. The PIMS registration includes the name of importers, country of origin, quantity of paper, and port entry. 

PIMs platform is introduced to assist the government with the gateway of paper goods into the nation and assure about the quality. For the PIMs registration, you have to submit the documents as required and when it’s approved you can simply download your PIMS Import Export certificate through the portal.

How To Apply PIMS Online?

To apply for the Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS) online, here are the following steps:

  1. Access the official PIMS website: https://imports.gov.in/imsdpiit/.
  2. Click on “New User Registration” and fill in the required details.
  3. Now, select “Paper” as the import category.
  4. Fill in your application form.
  5. Fill in details like types of paper, quantity, value, origin country, etc.
  6. Click on the “Submit” button.
  7. Pay Rs 500 as your registration fee.
  8. Get your unique registration number. 

These are the simple steps to apply for a PIMS certificate online. In case you face any difficulties while applying online, you can contact the PIMS Helpdesk at +91 (11) 2332 3939.

Why Is PIMS Needed?

The Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS) is an initiative by the Indian government to track and regulate the import of paper products. While it might seem like an extra step for importers, PIMS serves several important purposes:

  • Curbing unfair trade practices.
  • To protect the domestic paper industry.
  • Improved data collection and analysis.
  • To provide transparency and accountability in the industry.

In short, PIMS is a valuable tool for the Indian government to regulate paper imports in the domestic industry.

Who Needs PIMS Registration?

Anyone who is involved in business related to the paper industry needs to register on the PIMS portal. Here is the brief of it:


People who import paper into the country need to register for a PIMS certificate. Whether they are importing paper on a large or small scale, PIMS registration is mandatory.


If you are a mediator in the paper industry or between paper producers and Indian buyers. You also have to apply for the PIMS certificate in India. This ensures transparency and accountability throughout the import process.


Even if you use imported paper as raw material to make your product, you must have to register at PIMS. This helps the government track the flow of paper within the Indian economy and identify potential issues.

In conclusion, PIMS registration plays a crucial role in monitoring and regulating the paper-importing sector in India.

How Can I Get a PIMS Certificate Online?

As you know PIMS registration is necessary for those who want to import paper goods from another country. To get a PIMS certificate online you have to submit the documents to the government related to imported and quantity of paper. When they find all the information correct they permit and grant the PIMs certificate. You need to just go with the process of We are here for you to help you out and apply for the PIMS certificate on your behalf.

What Is The Requirement Of PIMS Certificate?

The Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS) has been implemented to collect specific information on the import of paper and paper products under Chapter 48 of Harmonized System 2017, Schedule 1, The system will collect details information on the imports of these products, which will help in the analysis of trade data and the formulation of policies.

Documents Required For PIMS Registration

  • Proof of Business
  • Digital Signature Certificate (E-Token)
  • Basic Details and documents of applicants
  • IEC (Import Export Certificate)
  • RCMCs (Registration Cum Membership Certificate)

Step-By-Step Guide For PIMS Registration

PIMS Registration is an online process. Registration Process Contains various steps which are given below:- 

  • Scrutinization of Documents- Our team will help you gather documents and scrutinize all those documents that are required for the PIMS Registration process.
  • Online Registration- Once our team scrutinizes your documents our team creates an account on the PIMS portal, providing your details and necessary documents.
  • Product Details- Full-fledged information about the imported paper goods, including Value, quantity, and country of origin needs to be submitted.
  • Monitoring and compliance- Importers must comply with regulations and undergo monitoring after registering. If all compliances are adhered to by importers then government-issued PIMS Certificate.

What Is The Fee For PIMS Registration?

The PIMS online Registration government fee is Rs. 500. This fee applies to importers who need to obtain an automatic registration number through the online system.

What Is The Validity Period of PIMS?

The ARN (Automatic Registration Number) which is provided by the DGFT department shall remain valid for 75 days Period. Various entries of bill shall be allowed in the same registration number within the validity period for the permitted quantity. Importers need to mention the registration number and expiry date on the bill of entry to allow PIMS certificate customs for clearance of shipment.

Benefits of PIMS Certificate

The Paper Import Management System (PIMS) enhances transparency in the paper import process by promoting accountability among Importers and reducing the possibility of malpractice.

  • Protect industries while monitoring their all processes concerning imported paper goods.
  • The government authorities can use importers’ data for the PIMS certificate. The authorities can make their policies while keeping in mind these details.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The PIMS Certificate Full Form?

The fill form of PIMS is Paper Import Monitoring System which is a digital platform launched by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

Is PIMS Required For Air Shipment?

When an importer is importing his paper products by airway then he must get PIMS registration for air shipment. Registration under PIMS is mandatory regardless of the mode of transportation whether it is air, land (rail and road), water, cable, or pipelines.

Can My PIMS Registration Be Renewed?

No, PIMS registration cannot be renewed. Once you receive a PIMS Registration Number, it remains valid for 75 days from the registration date.

Does PIMS Registration Approval Take A Long Time?

No, as much as fast you fill and submit the PIMS form online it will not take much time for the approval because it’s like an online registration system.

Is PIMS Registration Required For Paper Imports By Air Freight?

Yes, PIMS registration is mandatory for all paper imports, regardless of the mode of transportation, including air freight.

Information Source: https://imports.gov.in/imsdpiit/



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