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An Overview of the AGMARK License

For all agricultural products intended for mass sale and human consumption, providing Quality Assurance is crucial. In India, this Quality Assurance is represented by the AGMARK Registration. AGMARK, certified by the Government of India, signifies that agricultural commodities meet specific standards and quality criteria, ensuring consumer trust and product reliability.

Definition of AGMARK License

The Agricultural Mark License, also known as the AGMARK Certificate, is recognized as a Certification Mark that ensures the quality of agricultural products in India. The AGMARK Certificate acts as a Third-Party Guarantee for agricultural products manufactured and consumed within the country.
The use of the AGMARK Certificate began in 1934, initiated by Archibald MacDonald Livingstone, an official of the Agricultural and Marketing Advisory, under the authorization of the Government of India. This certificate was implemented to benefit local farmers and reduce exploitation by dealers, buyers, or traders of agricultural products.
The AGMARK Certificate is regulated under the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act, 1937 (amended in 1986). It sets national standards for approximately 222 agricultural products, including cereals, pulses, vegetable oil, and other semi-processed products. The issuance of the AGMARK Certificate is required under the regulations of Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restriction on Sales) Regulations, 2011.

Brief of the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection

In India, the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI) is the authority responsible for establishing state-level standards for agricultural products.
Agriculture is a primary source of income in our country, significantly impacting the economy, and making India one of the largest exporters of agricultural produce globally. Consequently, the AGMARK Certificate is essential for ensuring both the authenticity and quality of agricultural products. The grading standards adhere to those set by the World Trade Organisation. To obtain the AGMARK Certificate, agricultural products must meet the standards established by the DMI. If any violations are detected, producers are required to provide an immediate free-of-cost replacement of the graded products.

The Objective of the AGMARK License

The essential objective of the AGMARK License for providing the consumers with good quality agricultural products that are unadulterated through which grading is utilised for both domestic and exportation purposes.
The AGMARK License is incorporated for the following products mentioned below -
• Agricultural and Horticultural Items.
• Food and Beverages which are manufactured, either completely or partly, along with semi–processed agricultural products Eligibility Criteria for AGMARK License The following are the Grading and Marking Criteria required for an individual to apply for an AGMARK Certificate for their agricultural commodity:
1. The applicant must have the necessary infrastructure for processing the agricultural commodity.
2. The applicant is required to either have approval from a recognized laboratory for the grading and marking of the product or possess their own laboratory that has been approved by the relevant authorities.
3. Only after meeting these criteria can the applicant apply for the Certification of Authorisation from the appropriate DMI office. The Certification of Authorisation is issued after the successful completion of the verification process, which typically takes about 30 to 40 days.

Documents Required for AGMARK License

The following documents are required for the application process to obtain the AGMARK License: • A copy of the Partnership Deed or Proprietorship Deed, as applicable.
• A copy of the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA).
• A layout of the premises showing accurate dimensions, duly signed and approved by the authorized personnel. The following declarations must be submitted on a self-attested stamp paper of at least INR 100:
• Proof of ownership of the premises.
• Proof of ownership of the Trade Brand Label (TBL).
• A declaration that the Trade Brand Label will only be used on commodities graded according to AGMARK standards.
• Information about the "Food Grade" packaging material used for AGMARK-approved products.
• A consent letter from the property owner if the premises are rented or leased for production.
• A copy of the Trade Brand Label for each specific agricultural commodity.
• A Medical Fitness Certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner, certifying that workers handling the agricultural products do not have any infectious or contagious diseases.
• A list of all chemicals and instruments used in the laboratory, if the applicant has established one for product grading.
• A consent letter for the approved laboratory, if the applicant intends to use a State Approved Grading Laboratory, Commercial Laboratory, Commercial Association, or Cooperative Laboratory for grading agricultural commodities.
• A copy of the Foodgrain Storage License for foodgrain-based agricultural products such as wheat, atta, semolina, refined wheat flour, chickpea flour, rice, pulses, and various cereals.
• A copy of the license issued by the Controller of the Drugs Department of the relevant State Government for grading and marking medically approved castor oil.
• A copy of the Registration Certificate for Licensing of agricultural products issued under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Act, 2006.

AGMARK License Registration Process

The following steps outline the registration process for obtaining an AGMARK License:
1. The applicant must collect Form - A from the relevant Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI) Office. Form - A is required for obtaining the Certificate of Authorisation for grading and marking agricultural products for local markets.
2. The applicant must submit all necessary documents along with the application form. Additionally, the applicant needs to pay the applicable registration fee via demand draft. This fee can vary based on various factors, including grading charges and processing fees, as specified in the prescribed form and annexures.
3. Once the applicant has received approval for the laboratory, a Consent Letter must be attached to Form - A - 3.
4. Before commencing the packaging of agricultural products, an approved Medically Licensed Chemist must test all raw materials and processed products.
5. For renewing the AGMARK License, the applicant must submit a duly filled Form A - 4 along with the required fee.

Consumer Complaint for Unsatisfactory Product

If a consumer is dissatisfied with an agricultural product bearing the AGMARK License, they can file a complaint with the Agricultural Marketing Adviser. The complaint should include:
• The AGMARK label
• The serial number
• The lot number
• The date of packaging
• The expiration date
• The trade brand
• The name and address of the authorized packager
• The name and address of the authorized seller If the complaint is found to be genuine, immediate action is taken against the packager, who is also required to provide the consumer with a free replacement of the product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AGMARK stand for Agriculture Mark, is the certification mark to assure the quality of agricultural products in India.

Agricultural Mark License, which is also known as AGMARK License, is recognised as a Certification Mark for providing the assurance of the quality of the agricultural products in India. The AGMARK is presented as a Third–Party Guarantee for all Agriculture Based Products that are manufactured in India and are consumed in India.

Quality assurance is crucial for all agricultural products intended for mass sale and human consumption. In India, this assurance is provided by the AGMARK License. The AGMARK License is a certification mark issued by the Government of India, ensuring that agricultural commodities meet specific standards and maintain high quality for consumers.

Agriculture is a major source of income in India and significantly impacts the country's economic status, making it one of the largest exporters of agricultural produce in the world. Therefore, the AGMARK License is essential for ensuring the authenticity and quality of agricultural products. The grading standards are uniformly set according to World Trade Organisation guidelines, providing a reliable assurance to both domestic and international consumers.

The utilisation of the AGMARK License was originated in 1934 by the Archibald MacDonald Livingstone, who was the authorised personnel of the Agricultural and Marketing Advisory under the authorisation of the Government of India, who enforced the mandatory issuance of the AGMARK License that is to benefit the local farmers and is to reduce the chances of exploitation by the dealers, buyers, or traders of the agricultural products.



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