Plastic Waste Certificate

Plastic Waste Certificate

EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management is a necessary license for every plastic-based business. Here you will learn how to apply it and why it is necessary.

In our lifestyle, various types of commodities and products which consist of plastic play a vital role in our daily lives. Plastic is generated on a large scale all over the world which generates a lot of plastic waste all over the world according to government policies plastic waste is generated at approximately 5.6 million tonnes per annum (TPA) in India. Its Disposal is a significant issue in India. importers/producers/Brand owners and Manufacturers want to reuse plastic so recycling is the best way to reuse plastic that was generated in the previous year.

The government has launched a portal called CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) where Producers/importers/ Brand owners (PIBOs) and Manufacturers can apply for ERA Registration Online. EPR License comes in Plastic Waste Management as per rules 2022, EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management is mandatory for every Producer/importer/ Brand Owner (PIBO) to register on the CPCB Portal.

What Is EPR Authorization For Plastic Waste Management?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) stands for Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). It is the responsibility of all those importers, manufacturers, and brand owners to dispose of those products that can only be used one time and once consumers use those products, they are no longer useful. EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management is the objective of the government to properly dispose of all Plastic and electronic products.

In addition, manufacturers and importers must obtain EPR authorization from the MPCB and CPCB such as professional agencies. If you are thinking about getting an EPR registration certificate then you have to meet an expert EPR Registration Consultant who ensures your business growth & assists you in adhering to EPR compliance such as our IE certificate.

Documents Required For EPR Authorization For Importers

There are various required EPR registration documents which will help you during registering your entity under EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management as an importer:

  • GST Certificate.
  • Import export Certificate (EIC).
  • Aadhar card & Pan Card of Applicant.
  • Sales purchase invoices for the two last fiscal year.
  • Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME).
  • Contact Number & Email ID along with other general details.
  • Certificate of Incorporation (CIN). (If Any)
  • Pan Card of Company. (If Any)
  • Full-Fledge Product Details.

How To Apply EPR Authorization For Plastic Waste Management?

The government has launched a portal called CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) where Producers/importers/ Brand owners (PIBOs) and Manufacturers can apply for ERA Registration Online. EPR Plastic Registration Process is 100% digital Applicant can apply on the CPCB Portal:

Registration On CPCB

First of all, the applicant must get his entity registered with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) where the applicant needs to fulfill general information.

Submission of Documents

Once the applicant successfully gets EPR Registration his/her entity needs to submit. Epr Registration required documents. (In a required format)

Preview Application 

It is essential for all once you submit all required details and documents you have to preview your application whether the given information is correct or not.

Make Payment

Eventually, If the application details are correct according to the applicant. The applicant has to make a payment.

Grant of EPR License

If CPCB finds out that your provided documents are correct then CPCB will issue an EPR registration certificate.

What Is EPR Authorization Fees?

EPR registration charges are divided into two parts:

  • Government fee Rs. 10,000 /- directed by CPCB department.
  • Professional Fees vary on Manufacturer, importer, Brand Owner, etc.

Benefits Of EPR Authorization for Plastic Waste Management

EPR license ensures that you comply with all CPCB rules and regulations. Any entity or individual producing plastic or introducing plastic products in the market will actively indulge in reducing plastic waste, promoting plastic recycling, and minimizing the use of hazardous substances in their products.

EPR certificate license enhances your goodwill in the marketplace and also in customers’ view, Besides, it attracts more people and seems lucid appearance.

What Are The Rejection and Cancellation Of EPR License?

As you are aware, the CPCB department grants you an Epr registration license; nevertheless, should they discover that the application you submitted is fraudulent, they will reject and cancel it. After the hearing, the decision about the suspension or cancellation of authorization will be communicated within 10 days. 

Is the Plastic Waster EPR Certificate Mandatory For Importers?

Yes, the EPR certificate must be for all importers, Manufacturers, brand owners, etc. If you are importing any product which is mentioned in the EPR product list, the importer needs to obtain an EPR registration certificate otherwise the government will impose a penalty on the importer unless you get an EPR License.

What Is The Validity Period Of EPR?

As per the CPCB guidelines, EPR registration validity is 5 years. In addition, Epr certificate validity is 1 year.

You need to do an EPR certificate renewal 60 days before the expiry date. EPR certificate validity will be extended for 5 years.

Who Can Apply For EPR Plastic Waster License In India?

EPR Registration is mandatory for all PIBOs( Producer, Importer, Brand owner) EPR license is necessary for their business as per the guidelines of CPCB waste products classified under four categories. 

What Is an EPR Certificate For Plastic Waste?

As you know EPR certificate is mandatory for all plastic product importers, producers, Manufacturers, Recyclers, etc. EPR License signifies that an entity is responsible for environmental sustainability.

Why Choose IE Certificate For EPR Registration In India?

If you are the one who is dealing in plastic goods then you have to apply for the EPR Registration certificate in India. The license is mandatory because it helps in maintaining the smooth and effective operational management of plastic waste products. Import Export Certificate is here to help you in providing the EPR license registration for any kind of food industry.



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